This is how Qfigures works

Simply listing key figures is not enough. Qfigures prepares your data so that you get all the important information instantly, without detours and at a glance - just the way you need it.


Addresses are more than a list. They show how a customer performs, how he has developed and much more. All of this can be found in Qfigures with just one click.
... a customer is on the phone. Enter what you know in the search field - no matter if name, email, company or location: Qfigures finds the desired address.
You will immediately see all contacts…
…the sales of the last years as well as their development…
and of course the customer's last bills.


You can see at a glance who is deteriorating and who has improved. Where do you have to do something and with whom can you be satisfied?
What customer has improved the most strong? And what customer worsens the most? This is information that is indispensable for your company.
What applies to customers also applies to products and markets. In addition to winning / losing lists, you can generate ABC lists to create your own priorities for individual customers, countries, and products.


In order to be able to carry out well-founded analyzes, they must always go to the bottom. To the individual customer or individual product and its details.
No matter what numbers you evaluate, you always need a comparative score to see if they have improved or worsened.
Qfigures offers many viewing options. If you lack an evaluation, you can effortlessly build your individual variant.
Graphics only because of the optics? We do not think so. In Qfigures the graphics complement the numerical values. Whether all or individual key figures - they always visualize in detail.
The combinations of graphics are unlimited. Simply put together the desired evaluations yourself.
And because every business model is unique, Qfigures does not limit the combination of selection parameters. It is universally applicable.


Set goals for your business, for customers, products, sellers or countries, and monitor them daily to see if they perform well.
Enter your goals as a percentage or a number…
…Qfigures immediately shows you the calculated increase compared to the previous year.
As references you always see the sales and the quantities of the previous year.


If you need a quick overview of a product and its development, you're here in the right place.
You see the ranking of all customers who have bought this product…
… the sales development of recent years…
and past invoices for this product.

Try Qfigures for 30 days for free & without obligation.

Try Qfigures for 30 days for free & without obligation.

This is what our customers say...


Qfigures makes our complex data analysis fast and easy! No more hassling with Excel spreadsheets to analyze data. Simply open Qfigures and enjoy the ease of use and the lightning fast display of the data each time. Five stars!

Cam Eicher, Sales Director

We opted for Qfigures because with Qfigures we get all relevant evaluations at the push of a button. The operation of the program is also intuitive and clear, so that you can quickly work with it without much training. We do not want to miss Qfigures in our daily work anymore.

Martin Siebert, Head of Sales

Qfigures provides us with all the desired data within seconds. If we want, to the individual customer and individual product. Qfigures has become an indispensable tool in our daily business.

Peter Thum, CFO


Integrating Qfigures is straightforward and time-efficient.

Pre-built interfaces integrate Qfigures in minutes and clicks.

You can work with your data instantly thanks to the Ready out of the Box method.

Learn more about integration here:


The following features are under development and will extend the functionality of Qfigures in the future:


CRM Function

Extended overviews

Integration of additional data sources

Mobile usage

Smart ERP data analysis in seconds

Try Qfigures for 30 days for free & without obligation.

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