From a development for personal use Qfigures has quickly become a popular product for SMEs.

Our Story


From a problem to the idea

Our founder worked for many years as a Sales Manager. In his professional life, the same problem appeared time and time again: There was no optimal analysis tool that perfectly supports him in his work. So thanks to his experience and skills as a former ERP developer, he himself developed a tailor-made analytics solution. Qfigures was born …

2015 - 2017

From Concept to Prototype

The Qfigures prototype was quickly noticed by colleagues and customers. With their help, Qfigures could be further developed in practice and thus perfectly aligned to the medium-sized everyday life. Thus the solution has been developed literally „from the mid tier – for the mid tier“.


Proof of Concept und Incorporation

Due to its great difference to existing solutions, Qfigures has been growing in popularity ever since. In 2017, Qfigures reached market maturity. It was celebrated with the official incorporation as a GmbH.

Since 2018

Present and Future

Since then, Qfigures GmbH continues to grow and enjoys more and more partnerships with well-known manufacturers and trading partners of large merchandise management systems.

In April 2018, Qfigures got the first award as „Best Of 2018“ in the competition for the Innovation Prize IT of Initiative Mittelstand.

The solution will continue to be complemented in practice and constantly receives new functions.

Qfigures - What does that mean?

Q is the code name of the weapon master of James Bond. Through his impressive inventions, he has been the secret weapon of the 007 agent since 1963 and one of the most popular stars of the agent epic.

Our software is very similar to Q because it gives the user exactly the resources he needs to complete his „mission“ successfully. For example, it finds information in your data that would have been hidden by other tools … „Q figures your key figures out.“

Our Company

With 100% identification, commitment and enjoyment, we make Qfigures what it is.

Our team includes sales people, economists and developers with SME experience. Therefore, we know the problems of our customers precisely and provide a solution that is perfectly tailored to their needs.

Core Values

Progressive thinking and acting, clarity and efficiency, stability, empowerment and excellence are at the heart of our company and help us daily to realize our vision a little bit more.

We want our customers to use the right product that not only makes them more independent and successful, but also brings them joy. Personal contact is very important to us. We are available to our customers with direct contact persons and, if desired, we can also be on site quickly.

Feel free to contact us at info@qfigures.com or via our contact form.

Any Questions? We are happy to answer them.

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