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General Questions

Qfigures starts where your system ends. It can compare data in any depth and in
any combination, helping you get the information you can not get from the
rudimentary analysis capabilities of your system. For example, within a few seconds,
Qfigures tells you which product in which country, under which seller, and with which
margins, sells best and when.
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Unlike most analytic tools, Qfigures has been 100% developed in mid-sized business
and has been perfectly aligned to its needs. With Qfigures our customers get the
optimal solution for you, which gives you added value instead of effort. In addition, not
only the concept, but also the methodology of the Qfigures software is unique.
Combining analytic and visual representation, layering, forecasting and fast path
technology, Qfigures analysis is the most efficient and meaningful form of business
intelligence methodology available on the market.

Qfigures gives you the information you need from the past, the present, and the foreseeable
future that you need to drive sales growth. Qfigures can give you an overview, but also
penetrate to the smallest detail. During integration, you determine which data
categories you want to transfer from your ERP system. You will then always have this
selection ready to use for your evaluations.

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No matter whether business or sales management, sales force, marketing or
purchasing. The analysis of the performance-relevant parameters shows strengths and
weaknesses of the company`s performance and thus helps to increase the company`s
success. To ensure revenue growth at every level of the business, Qfigures is used by
most customers across departments.

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Use Cases

Qfigures has a very fair price-performance ratio, which is adapted to the medium-sized
resources. Tailored to your request, you will receive an individual offer from us
depending on the number of licenses and the scope of services.
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Qfigures gives you all the information you need without any preparation time, making
your way of working more efficient and easier. Long analysis processes with Excel or
ERP lists are a thing of the past. You can answer every question immediately in detail
and are always one step ahead of your counterpart.
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Use Cases

If you are looking for a low-cost, uncomplicated, high-value data analysis software and
you want a competent and reliable software partner, Qfigures is the right solution for you.

We are always there for you as a partner. In addition to general Qfigures consulting,
we also offer cost-effective training and implementation assistance. With our
maintenance contract you also receive updates and personal support. Just ask us for service needs.


Setting up Qfigures is easy to very simple, depending on the ERP system. With
prefabricated interfaces and the ability to also integrate special systems through
scripts, Qfigures is set up very quickly. The software itself is ready to use and can be
extended on request.
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Qfigures does not rely on a steady internet connection. This allows you to work
absolutely independently with continuous performance. To make this advantage
possible, Qfigures works with the named user variant. The system uniquely identifies
you and your computer during licensing, guaranteeing maximum security and the
ability to use Qfigures even without an Internet connection. All acquired licenses for
Qfigures are indefinite and have no restrictions on their use.

We want you to be amazed by Qfigures and give you a non-binding 30-day trial
period. You do not have to provide any payment details. You decide after or during the
test period, whether you would like to purchase Qfigures and receive an individual
offer from us. If you, like over 90% of our testers, decide to purchase Qfigures, you can
continue working directly with your download version. You just enter the license. If you
let the trial expire, you will not be able to start Qfigures after 30 days.
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Test & Download

You can contact us anytime. We then make a non-binding offer, based on your
information, license number and desired services. If you would like to accept our offer,
you will be informed in person about all the details of the integration of Qfigures into your individual system.
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The training effort for Qfigures is very low due to the intuitive usability and the
simplicity of the concept. New users quickly understand how to use Qfigures properly.
We recommend scheduling one training day per user. The training should be in groups
of max. 6-8 users take place.

Qfigures runs on all Windows or Mac servers, no additional hardware is needed.
Qfigures lives the simplicity and can therefore be quickly and easily integrated into
their existing architectures.

Usage & Security

Qfigures is doubly secure thanks to encrypted data transfer and operation on the
customer´s own server. The data does not leave its owner. The admin user can also
create access restrictions for user profiles. For example, salespeople can only see their own customers, sales, and their performance. With Qfigures technology you not only
get security, but also full control of your data.

Thanks to its offline capability, Qfigures can be optimally used by the external sales service.
Qfigure´s customers value the ability to have independent and fully flexible access to
the most important information from the ERP system in order to optimally address their customers.
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Use Cases

Since Qfigures has been designed for everyday work, it is designed precisely for such situations. Qfigures gives you the needed evaluation within seconds. This allows you to respond dynamically to all questions and situations. You do not need any more preparation time.

No, you do not need any preparation time or work, because Qfigures has been developed to deliver all the necessary evaluations at the touch of a button. You can combine all the parameters with a few clicks and thus always put together your evaluation individually and lightning fast always individually. So you are always
prepared for anything without any effort.

Qfigures is already ready to use when you purchase it. Of course, with your own data and goals, Qfigures will be really interesting. Under the Forecast function, you can set individual turnover targets for each parameter. Forecasting mode then uses an algorithm that always tells you how much you need to earn at the moment to reach your goal. Qfigures helps you to realize your sales optimization in a controlled way.

You can print any conceivable evaluation or each result of your work with Qfigures or
save it externally. This allows you to quickly share or process your evaluations.

Qfigures does not rely on an internet connection. This allows you to work absolutely independently with continuous performance. Whether you are on the train, on the plane or anywhere in the Alps – with Qfigures you can always work efficiently.

Qfigures only needs an internet connection to synchronize the most recent data. Otherwise, Qfigures is offline just as usable as online. For example, if you do the synchronization in the morning in the company and later on the customer visit no longer have Internet reception, you work with the fullest performance – with the most recently synchronized data.

Qfigures gives admin users the possibility to create access restrictions for user profiles.
So you decide at any time, which user may see which data.

Technology & Support

If you purchased Qfigures through a trading partner, please contact this partner. If you have purchased Qfigures directly from us, please complete our contact form (in the footer of this page) with your support request. Our technical department will contact you as soon as possible.

We are always keen to make Qfigures the best product for you. Should there be a support case, we are always happy to help you personally. With a maintenance contract you are fully secured in support matters and always receive updates to the latest Qfigures version. If you decide against a maintenance contract, general support is available.

Qfigures checks the actuality of your version used at every starting time. If a newer version is found, it can be loaded with one click and automatically installed. Additional expenses by the system administrator are not necessary.

After initial setup of the system, no permanent administration effort is necessary.

Qfigures has direct interfaces to MS-SQL and MySQL databases. In addition, almost all databases and file formats can be connected directly via ODBC.

Qfigures runs on all Windows and Apple operating systems. It is easily possible to run Qfigures in mixed system environments.

Qfigures can be used from Windows 10 and from Apple OSX 10.6.

Because Qfigures runs all evaluations with the local database, the network is only
needed to synchronize the data. For this, a simple network connection is sufficient.

Any Questions? We are happy to answer them.

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