Smart ERP data analysis for SMEs.

Qfigures enables medium-sized companies to achieve their sales goals more efficiently by making all relevant data from ERP systems accurately accessible with just a few clicks.

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Analyse your data quickly and accurately

Most ERP systems complicate data analysis through confusing lists. As a result, data exports, workarounds or spreadsheets with complex formulas are necessary.

Qfigures makes the process of data analysis more efficient than ever. Choose your parameters with a few clicks and get a detailed analysis immediately. In the future, you will easily gain insights about your company data and the driving forces behind them – in seconds and up to date.

Get an overview or go into details

Track the evolution of your business performance at all levels at all times.

Whether sales summary, depth analysis or forecast – thanks to our powerful features you get exactly the information you need.

The diverse possibilities of the analysis allow you to gain new insights and help to maximize the potential of your company.

Easy integration & highest security

Qfigures is ready to use right out of the box, seamlessly integrating into your workflow. Afterwards you have the possibility to make individualizations according to your needs.

The highest level of security is guaranteed, because unlike with cloud solutions, your data remains on the in-house server. With the help of our built-in user administration you define at any time who may access which data.

Data analysis from the mid tier - for the mid tier

Companies use Qfigures when they are done with inefficient Excel lists and workarounds to analyze their ERP data. While dashboards provide a rough overview and custom solutions are far too costly, Qfigures combines powerful analysis with ease of use and rapid implementation.

Smart ERP data analysis in seconds

Try Qfigures for 30 days for free & without obligation.

Qfigures in Meetings
You are prepared because the required information to answer questions is immediately available to you.
Qfigures at the customer
Analyze the latest results together with your customer and define new strategies.
Qfigures on the go
Qfigures works offline, so you can be productive and use your time efficiently everywhere.
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Smart ERP data analysis in seconds

Try Qfigures for 30 days for free & without obligation.

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