Use Cases

Every department of your company needs meaningful data. What kind of data may vary from department to department.


For the management, an overall view of the entire company is essential.

  • Which sales markets are flourishing?
  • How are sales people developing?
  • Which manufacturers are profitable?
  • Or with which customers are the highest revenues generated?

Define goals for your company, employees, manufacturers or other areas and check your status of success every day with just a few clicks.

Qfigures gives you all this information in seconds:

  • ABC analyzes
  • Sales and earnings analyzes for countries, customers, products, etc.
  • Forecast and target / actual analysis with daily exact status
  • Employee analyzes with evaluation of target achievement
  • Winners and losers lists

Sales Management

The sales manager must be able to quickly and easily get into the depth of the analysis. Why do certain products not work for certain sales people? Why are certain manufacturers more successful with certain customer groups than others?

Such analyzes require enormous flexibility of the evaluations. Qfigures can deliver these data at the touch of a button without you having to provide predefinitions.

  • Sales and quantity analysis up to customer or article level
  • Any combinations of evaluation parameters
  • Rankings for all parameters like customers, articles, manufacturers etc.
  • Compare to the previous year or any other period
  • Analyzes of target achievement

External Sales

If the sales representative visits customers, he must be able to get a quick overview. What are the sales of recent years and the current values? Which products has the customer already bought?

Configure Qfigures so that your sales people only see their own customer base and their own generated sales. Give them individual sales goals that you can review daily, keeping an eye on your employees‘ performance.

  • Analyzes of all customer-relevant sales
  • Reviewing sales goals for the customer and himself
  • Analyze sales together with the customer
  • An overview of customer contact information
  • Qfigures works smoothly without a permanent internet connection.

Purchasing Department

In purchasing, especially quantities are of high priority. What quantities have been implemented for specific articles over the past period? What is the warehouse throughput? Or what quantities are sold in certain countries?

You can also evaluate which sales are made with specific suppliers. The same parameters are available to you here as in the sales analyzes.

  • Quantity evaluations for products, suppliers or manufacturers
  • Sales analysis for suppliers and manufacturers
  • Analyzes of warehouse throughput
  • ABC analyzes for suppliers and manufacturers


It is essential for the marketing department to be able to check the success of advertisements, mailings or other actions. So marketing can be optimized and perfected.

Qfigures shows in an easy and fast way, which measures for certain products or product groups work in which countries.

  • Sales developments for products, product groups or countries
  • ABC analyzes for all products and countries
  • Analyzes of the achievement of certain actions
  • Success comparison with previous actions

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